SONOVAGUN is out now!!


Saturday, Feb 17 @ Country Meadows Golf Course and Restaurant - Luc Josef with Pacific Drifters 

Saturday, Mar 16 @ Country Meadows Golf Course and Restaurant - Saint Patrick's Day Party with Luc Josef and Pacific Drifters

Sunday,   Mar 17 @ Brookswood Brewing Co. - Saint Patrick's Day Celebration 


Luc Josef

      Hailing from the rural landscapes of Langley, British Columbia, Luc Josef  is a singer-songwriter and musical entertainer whose soulful voice and versatile skills have carved a unique niche in the folk, country, Celtic, and rock music scenes.

Growing up surrounded by the rich musical tapestry of the Pacific Northwest, Luc's journey into the world of music began at an early age. Inspired by the rustic charm of Langley and the diverse sounds echoing through the vibrant Vancouver music scene, Luc developed a passion for storytelling through songwriting.

Luc's musical style weaves together the warmth of folk, the twang of country, the mystique of Celtic melodies, and the raw energy of rock. This eclectic blend creates a sonic experience that resonates with audiences across genres, reflecting the diverse influences that have shaped Luc's musical identity.

With a guitar in hand and a heart full of stories, Luc Josef  takes the stage with an infectious energy that captivates audiences. Whether performing intimate acoustic sets or rocking out with a full band, Luc's dynamic stage presence leaves a lasting impression on every listener. His performances are not just about the music but also about creating a shared experience, inviting the audience into a world where every note tells a tale.

Luc Josef released his first EP, Sonovagun in 2020 and is currently working on his first full length self recorded album: Beyond That Darkened Door, set to be released in Fall, 2024.